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Lawrence Anthony Potenza has been collecting antiques since he was a little kid. Born in 1950 in Highland, NY as one of 6 chidren and now has 3 kids and 2 grandkids of his own. Family is the most important thing to Larry and hopes to pass the family heirlooms to the next generation of Potenza's.


His first real collection was marbles in which his favorite was a red and blue catseye. With hard work and a keen eye for seeing value in what some people would consider junk, Larry has grown that small marble collection into a large eclectic collection of antiques.  He is most passionate now about gold coins and other types of US currency.


DUNN RITE Electric was Larry's primary business for over 30 years. Specializing in residential and commercial electrical projects a shared passion of his son Nicholas. The years of wire experience makes Larry the perfect person to rewire any lighting fixture. Many of the lights in his store were brought back to light with his help. Including the most recent multicolored candelabra light.


His wife, a veternarian at Arlington Animal Hospital, is most fond of his collection of fine artwork. Typically she likes oil paintings on board the most, but there are a few other mediums that have caught her eye. Her favotite piece, which hangs in their dining room, is featured at the top and center of every page on our website, and is actually an original print of "Tired Man in Field." There is also a new art deco piece from the 80s at Time LAPs antiques that is going to be hard for her to see go.

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